Term Life Insurance provides coverage for a specified period of time, which allows you to meet your anticipated responsibilities to the ones depending on you. Term Life is an affordable way to gain maximum coverage, but does not build equity and can become expensive after the specified period.
Whole Life provides protection your entire life, as long as premiums are paid, and can build equity in the form of cash value. It offers more flexible and variable options over Term Life. With initial premiums being higher than Term Life, Whole Life usually becomes more cost-effective in the end.
A Universal Life Insurance policy can be used to provide financial security for a family throughout all stages of life. One of the biggest advantages of a Universal Life Insurance policy is its flexibility. Premium payments can be designed to cover short-term needs as well as permanent needs.
An annuity is a continuing payment with a fixed total annual amount. Annuities are a perfect investment tool for competitive interest rates and dependable minimum guarantees for the life of a contract.